web design, UI/UX

VetLab is a new veterinary clinic in Kiev,
equipped with modern technical solutions and an upkeeping department.
The head doctor has some 15 years of experience in treating pet diseases.

We have created a website to persuade pet owners to address
VetLab and help them find all necessary information
in a fast and convenient way.


VetLab clinic is situated in Pushcha-Vodytsia, a climate resort in the northwestern part of Kiev. According to the results of numerous re-searches, in most cases when a medical institution is chosen, the expertise of the doctors is overshadowed by the location of a clinic. Our task was to persuade pet owners to address VetLab despite its location relatively remote from Kiev downtown.


On VetLab website, we decided to use short videos with pets instead of photographs. This enabled us to convey the main message of the company: ‘We give your pet its health and joy back’. Animated pets accompany the user throughout all the key pages while he makes his decision.

Cinemagraphs emphasise that our pets are always healthy, frisky and playful, which places VetLab site in a good light as compared with its competitors. We developed a technical solution that enabled the cinemagraphs to be run perfectly fine on most desktops and laptops.

To create the cinemagraphs, we performed our own shooting. All the videos available on the website are unique and made exclusively for VetLab.

Our research demonstrates that four fifths of users visiting the index page smile involuntarily. Not only our site sells veterinary services, but also gives people a little joy.

We divided three departments of VetLab, namely, the clinic, the pet hotel and the upkeeping department, in a visual way. Now each section attracts appropriate audience. A person looking for a par-ticular service will not be distracted by unnecessary information.

To make the website even more lively and vivid, we invited a dog and a cat along with their owners to participate in the shooting.
We are not quite sure about the pets, but their owners took great de-light. No animals were harmed during the shootings.

Pet hotel

We gave the section dedicated to
VetLab pet hotel a bright design
and some attractive texts, which made visitors avoid
associ-ating the clinic with the hotel.

Due to the language barrier, we didn’t succeed in finding an approach to the pets which want to get a respite from their owners, so the website appeals mostly to bipedal visitors.

Upkeeping department

Sometimes it happens that pets need to be kept
at hospital just as well as humans.
For ill animals or those which had surgery,
an upkeeping department is organised in VetLab.
We created a section on
the website meant to show
how the department really looks.


In case a curious
fellow finds himself on
a page not existing,
a pet waits for him there along
with error 404. Obviously,
he had got a wrong address
as well.