Subway to Troeshina

Integrated campaign for Voice of Capital


Voice of Capital 106 FM is one of the first information
radio stations in Kiev. The radio’s audience consists
of 3 000 000 residents of Kiev and informs them of
the most important topics of the life in the capital.

The problem

The audience takes the radio for just another information station. Despite the fact that a lot of analytic materials about the city are prepared by the staff, people do not see Voice of Capital as a source of the most complete and comprehensive information on the life of the capital. The brand awareness among the target audience needed raising, and the brand itself had to be reconstructed so as to gain reputation of a reliable source of information.


One of the most critical issues in Kiev is the lack of a subway line which would
connect downtown with Troyeschina district.

The district is one of the most densely inhabited in the city. More than
600 000 people (which is 20% of overall population of Kiev) live there.
The district is connected with downtown by a single bridge jammed
every morning because of extremely heavy congestion. The traffic
problem could be resolved by constructing a subway line, but there’s
been nothing but promises from the officials for the last 30 years,
the construction hasn’t even begun yet.

A subway to Troyeschina has become a real meme among residents of the
capital, meaning nothing but empty promises never to be fulfilled.

Teaser stage

A week before the campaign started, distinctive signs had appeared on the places
where the subway stations had been planned. The signs said ‘The subway will start service in a week’. We also informed people of the action via leaflets and broadcasted the message live on Voice of Capital.

A covering Facebook campaign reminding people of the amount of time they waste in jams on the bridge was also started on Facebook.

7 days people were puzzled, the intrigue carried on until the last day.

Main stage

We launched ‘the Troyeschina subway’ in a week, a bus stylized as
a subway train started service on the route. During a month the bus
carried passengers by a route almost identical to the planned subway
line. The bus stopped where actual subway trains would stop.
There we picked up passengers, told them about the project, the radio
station and the transport issues of the city. During the whole action,
Golos stolicy was being broadcasted in the bus.

Although our bus was actually overground transportation, it was the only way that went directly from Troyeschina to downtown and back. It took about 15-20 minutes one way, that is two and a half times faster than passengers would have spent before. Every passenger got a branded souvenir magnet and a charge of a good mood from us.


An audience of
more than 1 000 000
people covered
52 publications
in Kiev and
nationwide media
More than 300
people participated
in the action

The happy faces

Thanks to us a first grader came in time on his first lesson
A couple didn’t get late to the cinema
A lonely girl managed to get home from Troyeschina before midnight without getting in a hold-up