Oil group

Web site

Oil group is the biggest B2B lubricant supplier in Ukraine.
Septa agency has developed the company’s website and
Oil group online shop.

Main page

The most important challenge Septa agency faced was introducing the big idea to the site visitors.
«Room for your business» is quite an abstract motto, hardly understood not only by potential customers, but also even by the company’s staff.
We pondered the space and devised a clear interpretation, for which two blocks of the index page were appropriated. We tried to express the sensation of space at the whole site.

About page

An «About us» page is usually one of the most important for a B2B company. Some dull descriptive texts emphasizing the company’s main advantages are often used on this type page, but we applied an unconventional approach. Using fullscreen prints, we reminded potential customers about those common situations they face sometimes, and we showed how exactly Oil Group helps in such situations.
Moreover, we managed to convey that Oil Group is a company willing to collaborate. In order to enable a customer to discuss the deal at the highest level, the Chief Executive Officer’s personal number was made available at the site.


The catalogue is the company’s online-shop. The catalogue was designed to enable virtually any member of a customer’s company staff to choose the desired product fast and comfortably.

Brand page

An important role in selling oil is played by the producer’s brand. Oil Group in an exclusive provider of many brands.
The company is interested in «selling» these brands to a site visitor and prove their uniqueness. For each brand we created its own image page which describes special features and advantages of each producer.